Isaiah 55:9 - God's Plans; God's Sovereignty; Accepting His Will

Isaiah 55:9 - God's Plans; God's Sovereignty; Accepting His Will

Isaiah 55:9 - "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts"

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God reminded me again of how marvelous His plans are, and how he works all things (many of which we don't even know about or understand) for goodness.

On this particular day, my wife had a scheduled run of 11 miles with a partner as part of their training for an upcoming marathon. It started with an anomaly - instead of the usual 6:30 am start time on a Saturday, competing schedules moved this particular run to 9:30 am on a Tuesday. The next unusual feature for this run was that her partner was having an unusually difficult run. As such, at a relatively short distance of 3 miles from home, this partner took a break while my wife ran ahead to recover water to bring back to refresh her partner. After that short break, the two decided that this would not be the 11-mile day they had planned, but instead intermittently ran and walked back towards home.

Who knows what time it was by the time home was in view given the drastically different actual run from the run that was planned. However, at that time, the pair started to hear screaming from a house that was just 2 doors down from home. They ran towards that screaming finding a frantic mother with her limp 8-month old baby boy in her arms. My wife, a trained Physician Assistant, instinctively switched into medical mode and took over the medical care of a blue, choking baby. Through administering life support, the baby's throat obstruction was cleared and color started returning to his face. As the 911 emergency crew arrived at the house, the fire department, paramedics, and police were able to celebrate a saved, young life and take him to the hospital for precautionary monitoring.

I don't think it takes much to be in awe of all of the perfect timing elements in this story. The plans the running pair had for their morning because drastically different for reasons that would be disappointing to most of us (i.e., bad run, late start, etc.). The ability to witness how God orchestrated all things for good in this circumstance is an exciting and hopeful reminder of His power and His omnipotence, even in the details of my own life. A baby's life was saved and a mother's greatest tragedy averted because God weaved it all together, and because He decided to use the humble hands of my beautiful wife.

Please share your own experience of a time when God orchestrated many moving parts for greatness in your own life below.

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