Romans 7:15 - I Do What I Do Not Want To Do

Romans 7:15 - I Do What I Do Not Want To Do

Romans 7:15 - "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do"

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Have you ever fallen into sinful attitudes or behaviors despite your resolve to avoid them?

Paul reminds us in this verse in the book of Romans that we are not alone. In fact, this phenomenon is clearly one that plagues all men and has done so for ages.

The verse starts by pointing out the confusion Paul has about his sinful actions. We, almost by definition as Christians, are constantly pursuing progress towards achieving a more Christ-like attitude. We actually WANT to become better people, continually.

But we fall off the wagon! It's confusing, right?

Paul continues that he wants to live life a certain way, but instead, does the opposite. Again, it happens to us all the time, too, right?

Personally, I can have a particularly dedicated morning to prayer time and Bible reading. Then I get on the road and the first person who is driving too slow stirs angry thoughts in my heart. My own attitudes and behavior can confuse me, just like with Paul.

This is where I find encouragement in this verse. This verse from Paul reminds me that even the holiest of us on earth will struggle with our inner sinful man.

It is only in taking this struggle to God and asking for His Holy Spirit to swell in influence in our hearts and minds that we will ultimately conquer this confusion.

I encourage you to find some comfort that you are not alone in this continual struggle and in understanding your own sinful tendencies. I encourage you to find the power to overcome them through intentional prayer time in asking God for His help.

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