Philippians 2:3 - Do Not Be Selfish, In Humility Value Others Above Yourself

Philippians 2:3 - Do Not Be Selfish, In Humility Value Others Above Yourself

Philippians 2:3 - "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves"

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For me, there are few things that I struggle with than my inherent selfishness.

In truth, selfishness is a characteristic that is built into the very core of humanity. Some debate that it is a result of "survival of the fittest" while others believe it is a direct result of the great "Fall", also known as "Original Sin."

Either way, there is little debate that we are all inclined to suite our own best interest. These tendencies impact decisions we make all day long. I can find myself choosing to use all the milk for my own cereal so that there is none available for the kids when they awake. I can find myself refusing to sit with my wife on the couch after the kids are asleep because I'd rather go to sleep.

The selfish ambition and vain conceit of men also translates into even more powerfully destructive situations. We have all heard of unthinkable situations where men and women pursue acts of murder in pursuit of power and/or money.

Because selfishness is so rooted in our core, this Bible verse can be extremely powerful for us to memorize and apply routinely in our daily lives.

Paul doesn't just tell us not to be selfish, but rather, he actually empowers us in how to be less selfish. Specifically, he suggests that we value others above ourselves. In addition, he suggests that we can do this "in humility." We have the opportunity to supplant our own desires in humble service to others... the opportunity to act more Christ-like even as we sacrifice ourselves.

This is a powerful mindset. How differently would we approach our own wants and desires if we truly believed and felt that we valued others above ourselves? How powerful to build a habit of humble service to others by elevating their needs and desires above our own!

The next time you get a chance to be unselfish as you provide for others preferences beyond your own, remember this verse and understand that you are finding spiritual riches in that very moment.

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