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A blog written by the average guy trying to put the pieces together in the midst of constant distraction, the appeal of the world, and a deep desire to be able to look back on a life well by God's standards alone!
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Conquer Anxiety and Find Lasting Peace with 4 Simple Steps

Most of us have no shortage of anxiety and worry in our days. We worry about our careers, our families, our finances, our health, the price of gas, the attitudes of others, and on and on! But here's a simple way to wipe all that away in an instant...

Does God NEED Our Worship? (Online Bible Dictionary: Worship)

The more you learn about worship, the more you realize that all of life should be an act of worship... but why is that even important to the Creator of all things?

Online Bible Dictionary: Idol

Truly understanding the breadth of idols in our lives is critical to attaining real wisdom and understanding... and ultimately, closeness with God.

Why We Cannot Afford to Forget the Story of Esau... Not Even for a Moment!

Esau is not the most dominating character in the Bible; however, there is an extremely powerful lesson in his story that we cannot afford to forget - not for one second!

Understanding and Beating the Exhaustion of Having Many "Selves"

You've probably heard that each of us has many "selves." But which one is most significant in your life... Which one matters most in the continuous effort to live as a transformed Christian?

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