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A blog written by the average guy trying to put the pieces together in the midst of constant distraction, the appeal of the world, and a deep desire to be able to look back on a life well by God's standards alone!
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Online Bible Dictionary: Mercy and Grace, What is the Difference?

Often the terms "mercy" and "grace" are used interchangeably. But understanding the nuances between these two terms can provide some remarkable insights into how to apply both well in your own life...

How to Pray - An Easy-To-Miss, But Essential, Aspect of Prayer For True Spiritual Transformation

In pursuing our goals for true spiritual transformation, there is a vital prayer request that should become routine for us...

Three Principles That Well-Played Live Worship Music Can Teach Us All About Our Spiritual Lives

As a privileged musician playing guitar on our church's worship team, I have found a few very specific lessons for accelerated spiritual growth for all; joyful noise, personal preparation, and intentional quiet time can transform our relationship with God and others

How to Pray - A Critical Aspect of Prayer for Anyone Seeking Self-Improvement

Many of us are continually thinking about ways that we can improve ourselves. In fact, I recently discovered that collectively we spend $9.6 billion a year on “self-help”. Why are so many of us seeking to change us? Why is it so hard to do? Here’s where real help comes from...

Online Bible Dictionary: "God's Sovereignty" - How God Is In Control of ALL Things, And The Benefits For You

The sovereignty of God can be a challenging concept, especially in the context of a broken world; however, there are profound personal benefits in fully understanding and accepting this key Christian tenant...

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