Born in America

Born in America

Reflecting on my decision to be born in the USA

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Have you ever thought about your decision to be born in the USA? Of course, that is an absurd question. I had no role in that whatsoever. Thus, I have to believe it was in God's plan for me to be born in this great nation. I was reminded early today of just what a blessing this has been to me and my happiness as I read of the backwards despair that defines daily life in Yemen. The article in Newsweek magazine (Dec 2012) highlighted how women are married off young (as young as 9 or 12) and quite literally, live a subsequent life of working only in the house at the sexual submission of their husbands. I have had complaints lately for the seemingly backwards direction the leadership in the US has taken. I have had complaints about my paycheck which now registers an additional $305.77 less in taxes every 2 weeks. However, I now have a new appreciation for the privilege of supporting this government instead of being at the mercy of more primitive systems. In addition, I am reminded of the size and scale of the need for global prayers. Today, I pray specifically for the women of Yemen.

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