Grow your church effortlessly with technology that is designed to include principles of habit forming psychology for maximum effectiveness in moving Christians deeper in their walk and towards greater community

How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

Every church has one primary goal...

Grow their church!

After all, growth is the most obvious sign of success. Growth validates the church's mission to reach, baptize, and develop more people as followers of Christ. Furthermore, growth doesn't happen without sermons that resonate, worship that inspires, and staff that delivers.

On a practical level, growth means more tithing resources to further invest in staff, equipment, and capital campaigns.

But what makes some churches grow to 1,000's of members within a few years while others struggle with just a couple hundred members for decades?

Certainly charismatic preachers, new facilities, and fancy coffee bars can help drive accelerated growth.

But wise church leaders know that it is the Lord who calls individuals into the faith. And it is the Lord who draws them deeper in their walk and deeper in their level of commitment to living like Christ.

As such, wise church leaders think less about charisma and facilities, and more about aligning circumstances for individuals to hear God's calling. They think about providing the right teaching, resources, and opportunities that spark conversion and spiritual growth.

The Problem

Wise church leaders understand that God calls His people into the faith.

They realize that their role is to facilitate spiritual growth. And they do this best by focusing on building infrastructure that supports spiritual growth.

A few of the key tactics leaders use include:
  1. Emphasize Bible-based preaching on Sundays
  2. Promote spiritual growth disciplines like prayer, reading the Bible, and service to others
  3. Teach outside of Sunday morning services through vehicles that include discipleship programs and small groups

The result of these tactics applied consistently over time is undoubtedly effective.

The problem is that they can take a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of resources. And many churches, even large churches, simply cannot consistently apply the money, time, and effort required across all of these pillars.

And that's exactly where technology can help.

The Solution - Church Tech

Let's face it. Technology automates. It is designed to make our lives simpler.

When applied intelligently, technology can provide 24/7 effectiveness and task completion that is unmatched by staffing.

That's why OnlinePrayerJournal has pursued developing technology that makes it easy for busy people to build spiritual growth habits.

OnlinePrayerJournal gives churches of every size the ability to put technology to work for them to accelerate the growth of their church membership.

OnlinePrayerJournal helps churches grow effortlessly by driving spiritual growth and driving community growth... automatically.

OnlinePrayerJournal Drives Spiritual Growth Effortlessly

OnlinePrayerJournal is stocked with features that drive spiritual growth. These are the same spiritual growth disciplines churches focus on through their teaching... things like praying and reading the Bible.

But here's what's different...

OnlinePrayerJournal delivers all these habits automatically.

We promote Christian development through journaling, using prayer cards, tracking answered prayers to build faith, providing scripture and daily devotionals, and more.

And we deliver all of this where people are going about their daily lives already... their devices.

That's right, by packaging and delivering these habits where people already live every day - email inboxes and mobile apps - we are swimming with the tide instead of against it. We effectively automate spiritual development without a ton of effort. We get in front of people instead of relying on them to "fit it in" each day.

And while anyone can set up their own free OnlinePrayerJournal account, we now offer churches the ability to "white-label" OnlinePrayerJournal. That means you get all the features of OnlinePrayerJournal for your congregation seamlessly integrated into your own church brand. It's as if you built the app just for your personal congregation!

OnlinePrayerJournal Drives Community Growth Effortlessly

Individuals with relatively stronger spiritual growth habits give more of their time, treasure, and talents to the church and others.

But nothing compounds church growth like community.

Community often becomes the heartbeat of any successful church.

Community is the essence of transformed living that not only imitates Christ, but also builds up individuals. A church with strong community grows faster, keeps members longer, and grows Christians deeper in their faith.

But it's no secret that community can be DIFFICULT to build!

And again, that's where OnlinePrayerJournal can help you grow your church EFFORTLESSLY with technology.

How do we build community effortlessly?

In short, we leverage the power of social media habits already baked into the population.

Consider the power of social media for a moment. For better or worse, it has the potential to put peoples' social lives on display for 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Often, this power is applied for wordly gain (e.g, Facebook Ads, the Kardashians, Alexis Ren, etc.).

But OnlinePrayerJournal can put that same kind of social media influence to work for spiritual gain... specifically, the growth of your church.

Just imagine the growth of church community that happens when their members know about each others prayer needs, actively encourage each other digitally, and reinforce those interactions in person every Sunday when they see each other at church.

After all, how common is it that Emily walks right past Jennifer every Sunday simply because she is unaware Jennifer is suffering with a broken marriage? Within a local social media system like OnlinePrayerJournal's Community Prayer Board, Jennifer is empowered to share her needs. Once Sally is aware of Jennifer's needs, Sally can engage her with compassion. She can publicly announce her intent to pray for Jennifer digitally and then follow up with Jennifer at church in person on Sundays. Sally is happy to be able to engage with Jennifer in a meaningful way and Jennifer feels cared for. And that's great community!

Now imagine the interactions between Jennifer and Sally multiplied by 10, 100, or 1000 times each week! Stronger community is guaranteed.

Preview OnlinePrayerJournal for Your Church

Here's a sneak peak at what it looks like and how it works...

Every church member will have their own private OnlinePrayerJournal account. Just like any member, they will have access to all the features available to them.

But with your "white-labelled" version, their account will be completely branded with your church branding.

OnlinePrayerJournal White Label Option - How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

Then, we add new features that build your church community... effortlessly!

The first thing we do is create an administrative account that belongs to the church. We give your church specific "admin" rights that include:
  1. Adding and approving new accounts
  2. Creating church prayer boards and prayer requests
  3. Deleting and removing accounts

Your Church Community Prayer Screen Shot - How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

Individual accounts owned by church members can feed prayer request directly to church prayer boards. In addition, other church members can interact with these prayer boards, providing each other encouragement as they post their prayers (by name or anonymously) and add them to each other's prayer lists.

Individual Accounts Feeding Church Prayer Board - How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

As individuals interact with their accounts and the church prayer board, they are able to add and remove their own prayers as well as those of others from the church, to their own prayer lists. While they do so, they impact the prayer counter... providing encouragement to those who post their prayers as they see how many others have them in their thoughts and prayers.

Even more, the prayer boards provide an active center for church members to know what is going on with each other. They are able to connect on a deeper level with meaningful things to talk about when they see each other at church on Sundays. This grows community which means members stay in your church longer, grow deeper in their faith, and give more of their time, treasure, and talents to the church and others.

Logged In Settings Remove - How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

Sign Up Add To List - How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

Church Community Answered Prayers Flags - How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

Edit Share Delete - How to Grow Your Church Effortlessly with Technology

As you can see, every user with an account is equipped with a stack of tools to get the most out of their account even as they interact with the church community. So click the button below to find out more information on how you can grow your church effortlessly with the technology OnlinePrayerJournal provides!

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