How to Find Joy on Challenging Days

How to Find Joy on Challenging Days

How to find joy, especially on challenging days, is difficult; the answer is simple though - focus on gratefulness...

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This picture reminds me of how blessed I truly am - I get the opportunity to live this day with such beauty surrounding me, not by any thing I have ever arranged or deserved, but rather through the grace of gifts that flow from a loving God.

This is one smack on the back of the head sorely needed today.

My day began with a background feeling of impending doom that swelled in pulses all day and rarely receded. Missing music sheets, broken headphones, running late to worship practice, early-riser 3 year old (with lots of early morning needs), skipping breakfast, forgotten guitar pick... all of this before noon.

On a Sunday, a day set aside by my God for rest, I have nothing but a growing list of to-dos keeping me anxious about the balls that are sure to drop. Can stopping periodically to give thanks arrest this progressive negative thinking? I believe it can; however, I am surprised even today at how much effort that takes.

In a moment of silence I forced today, some clarity came.

Wow, what a privilege to even play an instrument, what a privilege to raise this blessed adopted son gifted to my wife and I just a few years ago, what a joy it is to be around friends in Church, what a pleasure it is to enjoy beautiful weather and a cool breeze, how lucky I am to have the resources to not only have a car, but go on errands with the money to cross those to-dos off my list. Yes, I believe finding thankfulness and appreciation can indeed drive anxiety and worry from my mind. I pray you are at the beginning of an even more spiritually successful week than the previous week.

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