Zooming By...

Zooming By...

Busy-ness probably carries more risk than we realize.

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Busy-ness seems to be the order of the day. The barrage of "to do's" on everyone's list seems to keep us constantly striving to be on the other side of all the tasks. I, personally, have realized I am always looking ahead to finally only having a "to done" list. But is that even realistic? Will it ever be so? No. In this simple answer I find myself in a complex stance, asking questions like "Why?" and "What is the point of it all?". Dealing with the reality that all the tasks will never be done, and that tasks completed today will only breed new tasks for tomorrow and the next week, I begin to realize that centering my life on getting tasks done makes no sense. As such, I find myself looking for ways to live in the moment, enjoying my time in the present while still acknowledging that certain things have to get done along the way. Dropping off the dry-cleaning, unloading the dishwasher, making eggs and then cleaning the skillet... these are all tasks built into my day. I will look to enjoy the family time around these efforts and find satisfaction in the service I can provide to others in the process. In the end, I realize that service is actually about getting things done for others. Why is that so valuable and so craved? Well, making another's to-do one of mine gives that person the gift of time and avoided effort - that individual then has a little bit more freedom to choose what to do with that gift.

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