A Glorious Morning - Easter!

A Glorious Morning - Easter!

Easter is a glorious morning that highlights a universal gift beyond words; understanding that can unlock a permanent spirit of gratitude in our hearts...

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A glorious morning it is for all believers in Christ!

A day we dedicate to remembering the ultimate gift to all of mankind. Jesus' victory over death truly means more than any of us can likely understand.

However, I find myself realizing a need to much more deeply feel the weight of this victory as well as its implications for my eternal life. Even as I write this last sentence, I can tell that I am too much in my "head" and not enough in my "heart".

My prayer will be for His Spirit to more fully move my heart in understanding the gift of Easter - my sin, my utter depravity and need for a Savior, the self-less gift of a Savior by a God that needs absolutely nothing, and the heritage of my eternity as a result. I cannot even imagine how much more fully and freely I will be able to live my life once I really "get" this... God bless you, and Happy Easter... everyday.

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