Live a Yes Life

Live a Yes Life

Live a yes life - although we can find ourselves inclined to say "No" to opportunities, we often do so without realizing the depth of what we are passing up...

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Fear and doubt...

I don't know about where you are at, but I do know that it is common for all of us to get consumed by fear and doubt.

What I am coming to better understand is that fear and doubt often are more tools used to tell us lies that prevent us from recognizing the full glory of the lives God has planned for us on earth.

How many times do you say no to new experiences? Do you often regret those no's later?

Sometimes I do, but I don't often think about how much more I give up than a single opportunity. It goes much deeper than that in denying myself the opportunity to experience new joys, new feelings, and/or to accomplish new things I never thought I would be able to accomplish.

Guess where that leaves me...

Less of a person, unfulfilled, and leading an unfulfilled life. There is less to share with others, less to encourage others to try, and more to support the internal conversation that sometimes screams - I don't measure up. All of it lies designed to prevent us from revealing the full glory of our Creator.

My recent "Yes" was a hot-air balloon ride nearly 400 feet in the air on a windy day in central Indiana.

Do I regret my "Yes"?...

Absolutely not - instead, I have an enjoyable experience to share plus a personal growth success that ultimately lifts my head a bit higher. Just as Psalm 3:3 reports, the Lord can be our strength, our glory, the lifter up of our heads. For his Kingdom, I encourage you all to strive for more "Yes, I will"! I promise you that you will feel more lift in your life.

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