Rest and Rejuvenation

Rest and Rejuvenation

"Rest and rejuvenation" can be a whole lot more than sleep...

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For all those feeling equally exhausted today, here is a short prayer for rest and rejuvenation:

A Prayer for Rest and Rejuvenation

Father God,

I come to you exhausted… entirely spent
I sit before you on the verge of collapse

The weight of the world feels heavy upon my shoulders
And its burden is overwhelming

But You, O Lord, are my rest and rejuvenation
You have called the weary and burdened to You to find rest

Here I am, Lord… Asking for relief
Inviting Your power and strength to become my own

I realize my own choices have led me here, but have not the wisdom to get untangled
Help me submit completely to the path You have chosen for me

I praise Your holy name forever and ever…



Let's face it...

Our lives are noisy!

There is so much happening at once, it can feel impossible to find rest and rejuvenation.

Today I am grateful for a lot that is related to my current situation.

I got a rare moment to rest and take a minute to verbalize this to God (see above prayer).

I am stuck in a hotel while I am traveling on business again. However, this time, I am 3 time zones away from where I came, and I have an extra day given the lack of immediate flights back home following my client meetings. This "extra" time has given me extra time to sleep... However, what I am actually finding joy in is extra time to focus on things I haven't had a moment to think about in any depth for months.

Quite frankly, this gift of a few extra hours has me astounded at what is actually possible with my time! Specifically, this evening, I am grateful for the following: room service, the opportunity to run outside along the San Francisco Bay, the gift of a loving family to whom I get to go home tomorrow, and the professional and personal work I have been able to accomplish on this gift of a day. Thank you, God, for all the details you hold in Your hands for my benefit! To You forever be the glory!

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