Thanks for the Childish Reminders

Thanks for the Childish Reminders

a childish perspective encourages gratefulness

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Amidst the overwhelming responsibilities we assume for the care of our children, there are plenty of unimaginable things for which to be thankful. Today, I am struck by a few I've been overlooking lately.

1. A heartfelt request to play 'Chutes and Ladders'

This morning, I woke early to beat the kids out of bed, and began working at my computer. I was only about an hour into my work when the kids woke. This ended my productivity, and I took on feeding the kids and beginning household chores. Afterwards, I spent the morning performing the usual weekly chores to be done - grocery shopping in preparation for the work week; cleaning the bathroom, and picking up around the house to try and bring some sense of order. As the 10am to 11am hour approached, I saw an opportunity to get at least another hour of good productivity. One kid was napping and the other was playing in his room. Near 10am, I sat down at my desk and eagerly anticipated returning to my work when through my home office doors barged my little one of 3 years. With a big smile and a sweet voice, he requested that I come upstairs to play the board game 'Chutes and Ladders'. Admittedly, I hesitated for a second, but one sight of his beaming smile along with his comment that 'after the game you can come back to your office' reminded me just how precious this moment was. I enjoyed an unusual break from work, to which I easily found time to return later.

2. A wobbling 1-year old's raised arms

Here I am working hard to establish something of value to serve the needs of the general public. I spend hours dissecting my past, my skill set, my desires and passions, but I remain uncertain if I can produce anything valuable to serve a need in the world. Lately, however, my youngest has begun walking. He is a bit wobbly and certainly awkward on his feet. Often, I am busy rushing past him as I prepare for the work day while he continues to explore his new world on two feet. Every once in a while, though, I glance over and catch him altering his course towards mine. When he smiles ear to ear and throws his arms up in the air while stumbling towards me, I can't help but to stop, return the smile, and pull him up into my arms.

3. Washing the dishes

Who likes to wash the dishes? My son! I am not sure why, but he enjoys climbing up a stool to reach the kitchen sink and its soapy water. To him, it is an adventure and a new experience, and his joyous reaction to the chore of washing dishes reminds me how such things in life only become mundane and routine because we lose our perspective. My son's joy over the opportunity to wash dishes reminds me how precious are the abilities that God has enabled us to even perform these tasks. It is also a warning to me to work to prevent routine tasks from becoming void of joy.

Thank you God for these reminders that children are not only a responsibility, but they are also capable of providing moments of warmth and joy immeasurable and unpredictable.

What are some of the things your children do to remind you of the joy in life? Take a moment to thank God for those reminders, and please add a comment below to encourage others!

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