Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle - sometimes a moment of our OWN pride leads to properly placed attitude of gratitude...

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I'm currently working in a support role for some business users for a new software application. This morning, I received a request via email to set up a new user - Paul Miracle... Mister Miracle. I wondered what arrogant ancestor in his blood line proclaimed himself a "miracle"! Suddenly, however, shame overcame me as it dawned on me just how skewed my perspective had become.

The fact is - if you're reading this, then you too, are evidence of a miracle. I remember my wife's OB-GYN describing the risks during pregnancy well. She stated that 'it isn't so much that many things can go wrong during a pregnancy, it's the fact that so many things must go right to result in a successful term. Doesn't that thought amaze you? Just think how the millions of cells consisting of a wide variety assemble your body. Then, consider that construction resulted from the combination of just 2 cells - forming a single entity - you!

So today, I just want to say thank you to God for your life and for my life. We're all miracles - today and everyday. Thank you God for Mr. and Mrs> Miracle.

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