Travel Again

Travel Again

Facing another morning of having to travel for work can bring out how little control we actually have over our time

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Today brings another morning of obsessing over thinking through the next couple of days to make sure I don't forget any possible thing I might possibly need up in New Jersey.

Yep... I am traveling again for work which means starting a process of packing yesterday, double- and triple-checking my luggage and computer bag, standing in security lines, sitting in an airport terminal, renting a car, finding a business hotel in a strange land, preparing for client meetings... oh wait, did I print my boarding pass yet?

All of this takes a lot of time and by the end of the day, it is all seemingly in service to my job. Is that the best use of my time today?

Is that how I would "choose" to spend my time? The short answer is "No, I'd rather pursue a different path today." This is where a focus on gratitude can help center me before I start this day.

What am I grateful for:
1) I have a job that provides all that I need and more;
2) I will have some time away from home-life commitments to accomplish tasks that are piling up after a weekend at home with the family;
3) I have a loving and supportive wife that will take care of my kids and home while I am away... without complaint;
4) I have a God that is gracious enough to forgive my constantly moving horizon for happiness;
5) I have the opportunity to focus on an eternal perspective that dwarfs anything that happens on this day.

Keep thanking and God bless you today...

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