1 Samuel 18:14 - Get Great Success

1 Samuel 18:14 - Get Great Success

1 Samuel 18:19 - "In everything he did he had great success, because the Lord was with him"

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Most of us strive for success in all areas of life.

We set goals at school, in athletics, at work, and with our families.

But what happens when circumstances overwhelm our abilities to achieve at a high level in each area of life?

While there are moments of great triumph, the feeling of success evaporates too easily.

In the void of success, the feeling of failure takes over in our hearts and minds.

The inevitable happens simply because life demands so much of each of us. We get a low grade on a test. We have a bad day on the field. We can't seem to get that project at work back on budget. We get overwhelmed with family responsibilities.

Failure can fill us with disappointment and even self-hatred when left to simmer.

That is where this memory verse from the first book of Samuel can provide great encouragement.

The author of the book of Samuel is writing about David and his incredible success leading Israel in battle after battle.

The verse reminds us that great success IS possible in everything we do - something we all deeply desire.

But is it also quick to highlight that success comes "because the Lord is with us." This context is critical to achieving the success we seek.

When we seek the Lord in every area of our life in which we desire success, He is faithful to bless those areas. This doesn't mean everything will always go exactly like we want. However,it does mean you can find God's peace as you trust Him to have His hand on every area of your life. It does mean you can find great perspective about what "success" actually looks like from an eternal perspective.

In summary, be encouraged to pursue great success in all areas of your life. Expect to achieve that success only to the extent that you invite the Lord to walk closely with you in those areas.

Apply This:

1. Review this verse several times each day throughout the next 7 days
2. Choose one or two areas of life you want to find more success
3. Pray the Lord draws close to you in those areas
4. Witness the Lord working to fix those broken areas of your life

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