Matthew 24:40 - Whatever You Do For the Least of Them

Matthew 24:40 - Whatever You Do For the Least of Them

Matthew 24:40 - "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me"

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Would you swear an oath to take care of "the poorest of the poor?"

That's exactly what those in Mother Teresa's sisterhood are required to do.

You see, when I read this verse, I think of the way she epitomized this text from Matthew's gospel.

Mother Teresa would literally walk down streets and move TOWARDS the soiled sick and dying.

Can you picture yourself doing that? Or would you instead walk right past them?

Most would agree that those living in the streets and alleys of our cities exemplified the world's least among us.

So what was so different about Mother Teresa's perspective? What did she "get" that empowered her for such service? She clearly had to put aside her natural fears of harm from such people. She had to conquer any thoughts of catching disease from them.

I believe this statement from Jesus was a HUGE factor of her walk.

You see, Mother Teresa literally saw the face of Jesus in each of the broken she found.

Every one of those for whom she cared was an opportunity from her perspective to care for Jesus Himself.

Imagine how empowered you'd be to treat others around you with this kind of perspective?

Don't worry, you certainly don't have to seek out the sick and dying in the streets of your city.

Instead, consider your opportunity to serve with this perspective for those around you today. You can start right now in they way you look at serving your spouse... your kids... your friends... and the guy next to you in line at the grocery store.

You see, opportunities to serve others as if they were Jesus Himself are all around us. Memorize this verse, and be empowered to deliver Christ-like love and service continually.

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