The Battlefield of the Mind is Always Active

The Battlefield of the Mind is Always Active

The battlefield of the mind is always active - whether we realize it or not, we are constantly under spiritual attack and that attack often occurs between our own two ears...

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Do you ever wonder why it is so difficult to find happiness throughout the day? Do you ever wish happiness lasted much longer? If so, you are not alone, and there is a good reason for this. You are under constant spiritual attack in your mind!

The battlefield of the mind is always active.

Our thoughts are likely more critical to our present mood than we likely realize. In addition, as Jesus says in Luke 6:45 – “…For out of the heart, the mouth speaks”. Thus, our behaviors, good or bad, also come out of our thoughts.

We can often find ourselves exhausted by working to improve our circumstances. We just want fewer problems to deal with at work, less work to do at home, and more fun during our free time (if we can even find free time!). We want our circumstances to change, believing that once they do, we will magically become happy. “If only I had X, then I could be happy”, we falsely tell ourselves.

Have you ever wondered who or what is responsible for your thoughts? Maybe it isn’t actually you! In reality, there is a spiritual war in which we are constantly engaged. We cannot see this war, but we “feel” its impact frequently. That sense of despair, dissatisfaction, and discontent is often the tangible result of being attacked spiritually. We need to develop a warrior mentality to win the battles and the ultimate war of our spiritual salvation.

The more I have prayed for wisdom and the more I have studied this issue, the more I have realized the extent of this spiritual attack. Realize this… there is a massive advertising industry whose chief aim is to generate enough discontent in consumers (i.e., you and me) that we go do things to improve those circumstances (e.g., buy stuff, eat junk food, lust, etc). The other disturbing fact… those actions actually do not deliver enduring happiness at best and do deliver death at best. For example, a new car eventually becomes old and an affair leads to immeasurable destruction.

If you are unaware of Satan’s intentional seduction, you are certain to fail under his spiritual attack.

I have had the privilege of reading a book by Joyce Meyers called “Battlefield of the Mind” (Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind)

This book helped me realize how substantially Satan intentionally drives our thoughts and attitudes and resultant behaviors. His infused thoughts are intentionally designed to damage our physical and spiritual health. His promises of temporary pleasure without consequences entice us towards sinful behavior and away from God.

I hope that today, we all decide to become much more intentionally about controlling and fighting our sinful thoughts and attitudes. It is truly one of the largest battlefields in the spiritual war for our souls. I would recommend Dr. Joyce Meyer’s book, Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind to any of you who want to dive deeper into this topic.

Please share your own progress in recognizing and finding success on your own battlefield in the comments below.

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