3 Reasons Christians Need to Talk About Their Sinful Nature (HINT: It Has Nothing to do with Feeling Bad)

3 Reasons Christians Need to Talk About Their Sinful Nature (HINT: It Has Nothing to do with Feeling Bad)

Mature Christians tend to talk about their sinful nature, but it has nothing to do with beating themselves up; on the contratry, it brings multiple benefits!

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I remember going to Catholic church every Sunday while I was growing up. One of the themes that puzzled me was the sort of dialogue that seemed to lament the sinfulness of each and every one of us in the room!

I wondered why we should go to church just to feel badly about ourselves! Why were we always talking about our sinful nature?

Of course, as I matured as a Christian, especially after attending more Presbyterian services, small groups, and discipleship groups, I began to really understand the value, and the benefits… yes, I said the BENEFITS of this exercise. I have captured three such benefits for you to consider below:

#1: Build Humility

The first major benefit is that reflecting on the deep sinful tendencies in your heart and attitudes will BUILD HUMILITY in you. Your thoughts may not always transpire into sinful action, but their very presence in your heart is sinful! Jesus Himself explains this clearly in His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Chapter 5). If you are unfamiliar with this concept, take a look at this passage in the Bible and see how Jesus explains adultery (looking at a woman lustfully) and murder (unrighteous anger) as examples. Understanding sin by God’s standards as explained by Jesus is more than enough to humble me to realizing the depth of my sin.

#2: Develop Deep Gratitude for Jesus

The second major benefit of understanding the depth of your sinfulness is that you will develop a deep gratitude for the gift of Jesus. Building off of the first benefit described above, with a heart so full of sin, how can we do anything but realize our great need for a Savior?! Specifically, if we are deeply sinful, justice demands we pay a fair penalty for that sin. Guess what… Jesus already saved us from all of our sin - past, present, and future! As such, our gratitude for His gift can only grow as we continually reflect on how sinful we are. His sacrifice allows you and me to avoid the wrath of God which we so deeply deserve.

#3: Develop Appreciation for the Holiness of God

A third major benefit for reflecting on your sinfulness is that you will develop a great appreciation and understanding of the Holiness of God. Contrasting your own innate sinfulness with a purely righteous God should fill you with an awe that overflows in worship. His standards are awesome! We praise our God, the Creator, for such holy and righteous character that is beyond our own capabilities and understanding. Recognizing how easy it is for you to sin will help you understand how amazing a God who cannot sin truly is! As a result, your heart will naturally be driven to WORSHIP Him... And that is your primary purpose in life.

I hope you can find new appreciation for understanding the power of reflecting on your sin. Please share how these benefits have helped you grow spiritually or others in the comments section below...

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