Top 3 Ways for How to Hear from God

Top 3 Ways for How to Hear from God

Most of us want to know how to hear from God - we yearn to hear His audible voice; here are 3 ways we may be overlooking for how to hear the voice of God...

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First, I want to acknowledge that God actually does speak to people in audible voice. There are several miraculous examples of this in the Bible.

For example, God audibly told Moses to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt at the burning bush (Exodus 3:3-22). His voice was audible at Jesus' baptism (Matthew 3:17). His voice stopped the murderous Saul in his tracks and converted him to a believer we know as Paul (Acts 9:1-9).

However, I think we can all agree that this is not God's typical approach in reaching us!

At the same time, most of us want to know how to hear from God. We yearn to hear the voice of God!

In truth, we commonly miss opportunities to hear His voice.

I have compiled a more realistic Top 3 list for how to hear from God...

#1: Reading Scripture

Have you ever heard someone tell you that we don’t actually read scripture, but rather, scripture reads us? If so, they are referring to the ability of scripture to talk to us while we are reading the words on the page. Let me give you a couple of examples.

First, consider a daily devotional that you might read. We have one here at (OPJ Daily Devotional). Consider that you have no real control over what passage is delivered each day. Now consider you have been struggling with selfishness and today’s devotional covers Mark 9:35 (i.e., the last shall be first). Could it be God's way of speaking to you?

Second, consider the story of the the vine and the branches (John 15). You have likely heard this parable MANY times growing up and in adulthood. Today, when you read it, however, you realize that you are not producing much fruit. Perhaps you realize your negative attitude is influencing your children in negative ways. You find them being selfish, using harsh speech, and full of discontent. In reading this parable, you realize that it is your own negativity that is cultivating this environment... your children are simply picking it up!

Consider that your time getting read by the Bible (i.e., your Bible reading time) is a significant opportunity to hear God speak to you…

#2: Memory Verses

A second major way that God speaks to you is through the very scripture you have memorized. Of course, in order for God to speak to you in this way, it demands a discipline of memorizing scripture. (FYI… Our Daily Sword blog is designed to help you with scripture memory.)

The power of memorized scripture often has little to do with the time in your life in which you choose to memorize it. Rather, its power comes when you are in the moment of a need, a struggle, or a temptation. It is in these moments when that memory verse “pops” into your mind and literally GUIDES you through difficult times or decisions.

Indeed, scripture memory is a POWERFUL way to hear God’s voice speaking to you...

#3: Other People

Another significant way in which God speaks to us is through other people. Of course, we have to have an open heart to receive His voice through others, and their words have to be infused with wisdom and truth.

Let me give you an example. There was a time in my life in which I struggled about a decision to find a new job. I prayed and prayed for a new job and suffered and suffered without one. I put a lot of effort into finding new employment without success. About 18 months into this period in my life, I began to consider that God had me right where He wanted me… with my current job.

I talked to my wife about my logical conclusion. It was at that time that I believe God used my wife to guide me. Specifically, my wife reminded me that our God is good, and out of His goodness, He WANTS great goodness for us (Jeremiah 29:11).

Her words were more than enough to breathe new energy into my search for a new job. It took another 6 months, but finally, God did bless me and my family with a new job.


While hearing God audibly speak to us is not an option for most of us, there are things we can do if we are listening. Specifically, the disciplines of 1) reading the Bible and 2) memorizing scripture, and 3) listening for wisdom from others will guide you.

One more word of caution... Even David, who is known for His above average "heart for God", went through moments in his life in which he did not hear God's voice (see Psalms 22 and 38 for examples). If David had these moments, we should expect the same in our personal relationships with God. Be encouraged that deep intimacy will return as long as your pursuit of God is continuous.

Please let me know how God has been speaking to you in the comments section below…

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