Surrounded by things that don't work reminds us how many little things I take for granted.

Tags: small problems, attitude, frustration, our daily bread

Today is shaping up to be one of those days where nothing seems to work.

It started when I woke up before the birds only to determine that my car would not start on its own. That's when the grumbling started. It continued when my computer mouse decided it did not want to work, either. Oh, and guess what, cable, that's going to be out today, also. And... my email VPN won't function today either despite entering the correct password for the system ten-plus times in a row.

Thus, by the time I had been awake about 30 minutes, I had multiple frustrations to set a negative tone for the day.

I literally "felt" the reality that without a significant effort to quelch the negative and think positive thoughts of gratitude, I would spiral downward the entire day.

And that wisdom is the first thing I am giving thanks for today. In addition, I am thankful that I have a second car to take my son to school. Plus, I am thankful that the car repair shop not only had appointments available, but was able to repair the vehicle within one hour - absolutely necessary for a day scheduled to the hilt for both me, my wife, and our kids. All of this is coming together fine as is God's constant role in our lives. In the meantime, with an improved (admittedly not perfectly positive) perspective, I finally feel some progress towards handling the little "broken" things each day in the right way.

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