Progress Report

Progress Report

We can learn a lot by observing how easily progress is achieved by our children.

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As I sat in the office today attempting to engage in my role as a software developer for the new week, I found myself struggling to get engaged for the work week. Not surprisingly, I found myself feeling a little down - as though I am not moving forward in any area of life. Rather, I feel like a hamster in a cage wheel - just spinning and spinning my way through each day. Then something arrived in my inbox that helped immediately uplifted my spirit. The contents of the note reminded me how the most amazing developments are managed completely by God. I want to share a couple of the specific reminders for which I am grateful:

Life's Relentless Push

After a whirlwind weekend trip as an infant constrained to a tiny airplane seat, my 1 year old needed some rest. An email arrived this morning from his daycare provider, however, that removed all worry. The email contained a progress report stating that he was communicating well, interacting well with others, and following directions. I can state with certainty that I had no influence on this kind of prolific development over his short life to-date. Thank you, God, for your mysterious positive push forward that you instill in life. Thank you for this reminder of how it is part of being human, so it is only by my choosing that I might become stagnant and cease to grow.

Potty Training

My wife and I have been trying to potty train our eldest. It hasn't been pretty. We have faced about 2 years of talking about it, crying about it, screaming about it, and despairing over our inability as parents to bring about this most important of habits. It wasn't until we began to pray about it daily, just 2 weeks ago, that we witnessed significant behavioral changes. We simply asked that God give our son an "interest" in using the toilet. Within a single day, we received a report that he tried. Within one week, we received news that he had used the potty at daycare, and now - just two weeks after that first prayer together - the little guy will suddenly remark that he needs to go use the toilet and run to the bathroom. Thank you God for answering our prayers. It is another reminder of how present you are in our daily routines and that when called to battle on our behalf, You spring into action!

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