Visual Reminder of the Value of Time

Visual Reminder of the Value of Time

The value of time is something we rarely consider - but take a look at your side mirror, and see a picture of time.

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It is important to occasionally reflect on the value of time.

With a new year upon us, it is up to us to decide to look forward. Further reflection of a glance in the mirror can speak volumes to be thankful for.

1. Another year of life

The best part of making it to a new year is to have continuing opportunities on this planet. It gives us a fresh start to begin taking those chances that we have this year. We may have missed some opportunities last year due to being busy with other tasks, forgetfulness, or simply laziness (it happens!). But this year will be different. It's a chance to shake off the dust from last year, forgive yourself and simply re-commit to accomplishment THIS year. You can do it, and thank God for this new chance. Wipe the slate clean in your mind, and go out and do it!

2. A reminder of how we tend to rush through our days

See how blurry those images just outside the window appear? That's how we tend to experience most of our daily lives. I know I feel the same pressure to perform at the office and at home that many of you also feel. Those pressures dig away at our spirits. Be on your guard against losing your perspective. You are, after all, a dedicated Christian who believes that regardless of the era of your lifetime, Christ's message applies directly to your life. Take a moment during your busy days to remind yourself of Jesus' words regarding how much He values and cares for even the birds. There is no need to worry or obsess, and you CAN control your feelings. Plan to consider this fact each day this year and commit to the act in advance - every day at noon, or just before bed each night, for example. Thanks be to Jesus for the opportunity He gives us for peace!

3. A calm perspective to what we've left behind

Did you ever notice how slowly things seem to be moving once you're past them? The same moments that were so hectic and rushed throughout your daily experiences keeping up with work, kids, and meetings last year are all just a faint vague image when viewing through the rear view mirror. Do yourself a favor this year - when you feel particularly busy, consider just how the moment will look next year. Thank you God for being our only TRUE source for the most sought after sensation on this planet - peace!

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