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Short daily prayers that fit easily into your busy schedule

Build a habit of speaking to God with short, simple prayers that highlight daily issues we all struggle with. Grow as you plant tiny seeds of thought to focus your growth each day. Grow in your Christian maturity by making conversation with God a routine part of every day!

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Lord, I invite Your almighty power into my common life today...

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Lord, I praise You and trust in Your sovereign hand over my life today and every day...

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Lord, Convict me of any hypocrisy in my life and drive it away once and for all...

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Lord, Help me feel the magnitude of Your love for me to fuel my love for others today...

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Lord, Give me a holy disposition today that I would express the fruits of Your Spirit...

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Daily Short Prayer

"Lord, I seek Your purpose for my life in haste that I can start living fully for You..."

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