10 Simple Ways to Build the Kingdom of God - TODAY!

10 Simple Ways to Build the Kingdom of God - TODAY!

To build the kingdom of God can seem overwhelming enough that we do nothing; but her are 10 easy ways to do God's work - TODAY!

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Building the kingdom of God is an immense responsibility.

Jesus himself left us with this responsibility on His last day on the planet.

While most of us are motivated to do that work, we often feel inadequate to actually make it happen.

We don't feel like we have the time for kingdom work. After all, we are so busy just taking care of our families, our schoolwork, our work, etc.

We tend to view kingdom work as nothing less than missionary work and volunteering.

But the truth is that kingdom work doesn't have to be labor intensive to be highly valuable and spiritual.

In fact, you likely miss dozens of opportunities every day to do God's work in simple ways.

We created this list of 10 simple ways to build the kingdom of God to help open your eyes to those opportunities... to get you thinking about how you can serve in Jesus' name.

#1: Smile at a Someone

That's it! Just smile at someone today.

Smiling is probably the simplest thing we can do to bring joy to others. Share that joy!

Plus, the side effect is that it actually puts YOU in a better mood, too.

#2: Complement Someone

Have you ever been put off by a complement from someone?

Of course not! Complements can be quite powerful in encouraging others. Unfortunately, their power comes from their scarcity. Even when we have wonderful thoughts about others, we just aren't always great at sharing those thoughts.

If you're searching for things to complement someone about, take a look at things they wear (e.g., watch, jewelry), things they say, or a consistent pattern of behavior that you admire about them.

#3: Start a Conversation with a Stranger

Let's face it. We are surrounded by strangers all day long.

But how often do we initiate conversation with those strangers?

Often, our childhood roots of being cautious around strangers or worrying about "bothering" strangers stifle our opportunities to connect with others.

So we continue to live in our own narrow world, potentially missing the opportunity to counsel or learn from others.

If the thought of speaking with a stranger actually scares you, just consider it takes only 10 to 20 seconds of courage to start the conversation. The rest will take care of itself.

If you're looking for things to talk to people about, here are some common conversation starters:

1) where they live and/or have lived over time
2) their family
3) travel
4) hobbies
5) the weather
6) sports
7) anything in the news

#4: Hold the Door for Others

Number four on our list is another very simple act that is highly under-employed in society today.

In the hustle of life today, many have ceased to show respect and honor to others by holding doors.

A subtype of this one is holding the elevator door. Holding the elevator door sacrifices a little bit of time, but all in the name of serving someone else. Worth it, right!?

Gentlemen... this one is especially important for you. What an opportunity to build some great character by letting the opposite sex know that you look to serve them.

Just make it a habit...

#5: Tell Someone You've Been Thinking About Them

Reaching out to someone you haven't seen in a while and telling them you've been thinking about them is powerful.


It's just a huge surprise. Quite simply, many of us are insecure to the point that we don't think anyone cares much about us after they have left our daily circle.

But to hear from an old friend, or an old schoolmate, or an old coworker, that they actually HAVE been thinking about us makes us feel quite special.

You have that power for others in your world. Send a quick email or text and make someone feel amazing.

#6: Give Other Drivers Grace

If you are a driver, you literally have dozens of opportunities to serve others during your daily commutes.

Let's face it. We're all busy and we'd prefer to be the only car on the road. Unfortunately, that's just not realistic. Plus, you wouldn't want to pay the entire tax bill for that privilege!

As other drivers work to shave seconds off their commute at your brake pads' expense, let them be. When other drivers need to get into your lane, let them in.

Also, consider that you may not know what is going on in the lives of all those other drivers. Some may be coming home from a visit to the doctor in which they learned they have cancer. Some may be worrying about severe financial hardship. We all have brokenness in our lives, and that includes the drivers with whom we share the roads.

Drivers... Give grace!

#7: Make a Meal for Someone

Sure, making a meal for someone takes time and effort.

But consider this... You have to eat, too. Thus, simply prepare a second portion for someone and give it as a gift.

They'll be pleasantly surprised and you have just exhibited Christ-like service. Not a bad trade-off!

#8: Send Someone a Card

Yes, it may take a little time to get a card from a store, write it, and then mail it.

But it's not expensive, and it delivers ridiculous value to the recipient. Just think about how you feel when someone sends you a hand-written note!

Here's a tip - next time you are at the store, buy a batch of "just because" cards. Then you'll have them at your disposal whenever you are ready to send one or two.

#9: Surprise Somebody with Candy

Who doesn't like candy?

But think about it... we tell ourselves "No" to candy all the time, right?

When you give someone a surprise candy bar, not only do they know you were thinking about them, but also they get to eat the candy. After all, it was a gift!

#10: Make 15 Minutes for Someone

Do you think you could find 15 minutes to just sit and listen to someone?

Could you put your phone down, turn off your tablet, turn off the TV, and just honestly and intently listen to every word another person has to say?

Of course you can! Skip your own "Candy Crush" and TV time (just 15 minutes!) and prove to someone that you care a lot about them and what they have to say.

If you're still not sure you want to make this commitment, consider how much it would mean to YOU if someone did the same for you.

How amazing does it feel just to have someone listen to what's going on with you and really try to understand you?


We reviewed ten simple ways to build God's kingdom. All of these are things you can find seconds to minutes to do today. I hope you will start integrating a few of them into each day in the coming weeks. In doing them, you will bless those around you even as God will bless you with your outreach.

I'd love to hear some of your stories as you integrate these into your daily routine. Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below...

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