How God's Design Makes Supporting Trump Difficult

How God's Design Makes Supporting Trump Difficult

God's design can be seen in everything when we are looking and is likely a major reason supporting Trump feels difficult...

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NOTE: This article is NOT intended to be a political commentary. Instead, it is designed to help us all become more aware of how God's design is at work continuously around us, even in politics :)

Donald Trump's political rise has been confounding to many.

The political elite and the common public have analyzed his success without any great clarity.

Perhaps one explanation that makes sense is that millions of people are so exhausted by the status quo in American politics, they are willing to support any unconventional candidate.

But even those who support Trump are faced with feelings of anxiety. And many others cannot support Him at all.

The stated reasons for this range from differences in political policies to views on religion to being directly offended by his words and bigotry.

But the real reason underlies all of these reasons combined.

The real reason is much more deeply connected to our core humanity.

The real reason is embedded in God's design.

Introducing "Imago Dei"

We, the faithful, believe that God created everything.

We also believe that man is the pinnacle of His creation.

All people - Christian or not - have an innate appreciation for this concept.

For example, in a tragedy like a house fire, tornado, or hurricane, no one is primarily concerned about the "stuff" that was lost. Rather, they are grateful when no one was injured or killed. Furthermore, there is no choice between taking primary action to save the life of the family pet or the 3-year old daughter.

You see, human beings have an innate sense of the value of human life.

We believe this reality is tied to the principle called "Imago Dei," translated as "the image of God" (Genesis 1:27). God created man in His image - which by definition has to be a majestic image! Further, God gave man dominion over the world with stewardship responsibilities to cultivate and build up the people and things around him.

Because every man, woman, and child is created in God's image, we generally support the preciousness of others and that everyone has dignity. Our value for others forms the baseline for how we approach and interact with others... even strangers.

And that's where supporting Trump introduces anxiety.

Anti-"Imago Dei"

Trump's starting point about the men and women around him seems quite different.

As proof, consider how difficult it would be for anyone believing the principle of Imago Dei to do the following:
  • mock the crippled
  • degrade women
  • insult Mexicans
  • and denigrate Muslims

Before we judge too strongly, however, we should consider none of us are perfect. If we reflect, we have all likely supported such rhetoric as immature adolescents or as amused movie-goers.

But when these comments routinely pour out of a person, they betray their basic views about their fellow man. Namely, that other people do not have value until they prove otherwise.

As discussed above, a religious worldview holds that God created every man with basic, inalienable qualities that command respect and honor. In contrast, the worldly view holds no such assumption. Rather, a person must prove their value to others.

Further complicating the picture - value is relative. And relative truth introduces confusion!

Consider this - what I think is valuable is completely different than what the guy next to me thinks is valuable. Furthermore, our opinions change from day to day. The reality of this moving target sets people up for failure. The target to earn value in the eyes of others quickly becomes an impossible rat race that can easily disintegrate with trivial disagreements.

In God's design, there is an absolute truth... a permanent and enduring benchmark against which to assess the value of those around us. Specifically, their preciousness as individuals created by the Creator Himself!

The Law given to Moses in the Old Testament and Jesus' teaching in the New Testament give us explicit instructions for what this kind of honor and respect look like. They give instruction for how we are to think and treat others. Matthew 5 is stunning in Jesus' definition of murder as hateful thought of fellow man and lust as even looking at a woman with sexual desire.

Yes, the absolute benchmark of the biblical instruction of how to view our fellow man is consistent and enduring.


While many state they cannot support Trump based on his political positions, religious views, or offensive comments, the underlying explanation is tied directly to God's design.

The real reason we have difficulty supporting Trump is tied to the principle of Imago Dei.

Imago Dei requires we are all designed with great dignity in God's image. As such, we start from a baseline of giving respect and honor for others. In contrast, the Trump and worldly view does the opposite. It demands that respect and honor are earned through a system of requirements established by individuals. It ignores God's.

You see, God's design is at work all around us - even in politics! We only need to work to be more aware of His presence.

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