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Benefit from decades of spiritual growth in others who have already uncovered key insights. Master spiritual subtleties that build confidence in matters of faith.

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Understanding the meaning of worship can lead us to realize that all of life should be an act of worship and why worship is even important to the Creator of all things...

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Truly understanding the meaning of idol helps us understand the breadth of idols in our lives that we can overcome them in our pursuit of closeness with God...

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There is a key insight from the Jacob and Esau story that we cannot afford to forget - not for one second!

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Understanding the concept of self can empower us to grow substantially; first, we need to identify which self is the most significant in our lives...

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We can learn how to resist temptation by understanding HALT - Hungry Angry Lonely Tired; it is in these moment that we are particularly likely to sin...

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"Lord, I seek Your purpose for my life in haste that I can start living fully for You..."

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