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Understanding the meaning of sanctification and the meaning of justification and the subtle but substantial difference between the two is essential to intentional spiritual growth...

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We want to know how to stop sinning in our pursuit of intentional spiritual growth; here is a simple mind trick that can help...

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In a recent survey of 100 self-proclaimed Christians, 70% responded that it was not worth as much as a single latte each month to guarantee they would memorize scripture; take a look at some of the other key findings from the survey…

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While there is a lot of "duty" in most of our lives that is felt in the form of following rules and heavy responsibility, all of them carry the opportunity to bring us nothing but joy... but only when we have the right perspective

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Often the terms grace and mercy are used interchangeably; but understanding the nuances between these two terms can provide some remarkable insights into how to apply both well in your own life...

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