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Inspiration and shared wisdom that accelerates spiritual growth

Benefit from decades of spiritual growth in others who have already uncovered key insights. Master spiritual subtleties that build confidence in matters of faith.

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Knowing how to pray to God directly can transform our prayer lives into one that delivers our needs and desires all the time...

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There are 3 things great praise and worship music played live can teach us beyond simple enjoyment - a joyful noise, personal preparation, and intentional quiet time...

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Here is how to change yourself through simple prayer. In fact, I recently discovered that collectively we spend $9.6 billion a year on “self-help”. Why are so many of us seeking to change us? Why is it so hard to do? Here’s where real help comes from...

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The sovereignty of God can be a challenging concept, especially in the context of a broken world; but there are awesome personal benefits in fully understanding the idea...

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Many of us want to know how to build self confidence - we appear to have it all together but seldom feel this way inside; we need to know how to build self-esteem the right way... a lasting way...

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"Lord, I seek Your purpose for my life in haste that I can start living fully for You..."

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